This all started when I was a little kid... I remember playing drums at my neighbor's house when I was only three years old. My dad said it didn't sound that bad either! I don't really remember it too much, but I have to say that is my first memory of my musical journey in life. As the years went by I had a tape recorder/toy that had a built in mic. My friend and I would make funny voices and noises into this thing and play it back, that was a fun memory and I still have the toy. A few years later I realized that I loved the sound of piano and loved to watch and listen to people play. I remeber begging my parents to buy me a keyboard for christmas or my birthday for years, but I never got one until high school. I used to play that cheesy little keyboard for hours at night. The drums on it were the worst, but it got me by until college. when I was 20 years old I purchased my first "real" synthesizer, a Roland Juno-2. Around that time in my life I built my first computer and started my mission to make my own msic. The music that was coming out around the year 2000 was all starting to sound the same...crappy.

I got fed up with listening to what they wanted you to hear. So I started my version of what I like to call anti-pop. My music was terrible at first and probably still is to some people, but that's not what matters. What matters is that there is some really cool music out there right now that most people overlook. The creative world is hiding underground and will emerge in time with such an impact that people will wonder why they have wasted their ear-drums on crap for so many years. My songs are a reflection of my daily stress and frustrations that build up inside me. I go home after work sometimes and unload the day into a new project. Some of my favorite songs I have made have been after what I would call "my worst day ever". I hope that my music could reach the inner realms of peoples hearts and minds to help them through a hard day or just to help people relax if at all possible. Someday soon I am going to start performing live versions of my computer based songs, hopefully in front of large crowds of people....anyways, if you are interested in more of my story, listen to my debut album and hear my heart and soul in musical format.

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